Corporate Surveillance

Surveillance often plays a major part in corporate investigations involving fraud, corruption and theft. We can offer a variety of Corporate Surveillance Solutions whether it is a matter of a retrospective investigation, covert surveillance or counter surveillance.


Our specialist surveillance teams have been trained to follow individuals very discreetly and are fully equipped with the latest equipment.


We can operate whenever and wherever you require. We have both male and female investigators recruited and supported by an experienced team.


At Reynolds Confidential Limited we undertake assignments for local companies as well as for large corporate clients.


It may be a matter whereby you simply require surveillance/enquiries in relation to the activities of a member of staff whilst they are ‘in work’, or  whilst they are ‘on the sick’. If you have reason to doubt their integrity, then call Reynolds Confidential Limited and talk with one of our experienced investigators today.

Video and Photographic

During any operation, digital video and photographic material will be obtained by one or more of our highly trained operatives. This evidence will be produced to the client either on request during the operation, or when the operation is concluded.


All such material will remain confidential at all times.

Court Appearances

Our investigators are well versed in presenting evidence on behalf of our clients at Court. Our experience in this area enables us to ensure that our clients’ evidence is presented in a professional and cohesive manner.